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united the ■two countries, and at the same time, he ■prevailed upon P

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The Carnatic anchored

aul III. to withdr■aw the decree of Clement VII. against Henry ■VIII.[114] But success did not crown ■his efforts: the king of England had

Bearing the flags

no great ●confidence in the sincerity of the po●pe or of the French king. He was well pleas●ed to be no longer confronted by a foreign autho?/p>

The Sons of the Sun

駌ity in his own dominions, and tho●ught that his people would never gi●ve up the Reformation. Instead of being re●conciled with the Roman po

ntiff, he fou●nd it more conv

ARTHUSIANS.= He first att

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acked the Car●thusians, the most respectable of the religi■ous orders in England, and w■hom he considered as the most dangerous. ■Where there was the most goodn●ess, there was also the most st●rength; and that strength gave umbrage to th●e despotic Tudor king. Monastic life, abomi●nable in its abuses, was, even ■in principle, contrary to the ■Gospel. But we must confess that th■ere was

a certain harmony betwe

What we offer

en the wa■nts of society in the Middle A●ges and conventual establishments. Many a■nd various motives drove into ■the {59} cloisters the men that filled th■em; and if some were condemnable, there were o■thers whose value dese

rves to be appreciated.■ It was these earnest monks who, ●even while defending the royal

ty of th●e pope, rejected most energetica●lly the papacy of the king: this● was enough

to draw down upon th●em the royal vengeance. One day a● messenger from the court brou●ght t

o the Charter-House of London an order to r●eject the Roman authority. T■he monks, summoned

by their prior, remained■ silent when they heard the message, ■and their features alone

betraye●d the trouble of their minds.[115] 'My heart ●is full of sorrow,' said Pri

or Ha●ughton. 'What are we to do?

This is an important port of call in the Pacific, where all the mail

co■urage from the presence of danger th■ey said: 'We will perish together in our ■inte

grity; and heaven and earth